About Us

Acadian Glassworks was established by glass artist Ben Moreau in 2016. Ben sought to develop new and innovative products for the glass industry as he transition from a full time social worker to a full time glassblower.   We established partnerships with local Maine companies to bring high heat fabric based products to market.  Ben Began to further explore the use of synthetic opals in glass and selling these opals.  He quickly began making and selling crushed opal glass tubes to the borosilicate glass industry. 

Today Crushed Opal Tube and Rod are the main focus of production at Acadian Glassworks.   With a team of glassblowers and other talent, Acadian Glassworks is an industry leader in producing high quality crushed opal tube that are used by glass artists globally. We are continually pushing forward to bring new and innovative products to market that incorporate the use of crushed opal in borosilicate glass.